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About Us

We here at Kodiak are technology people. Working with customers in all kinds of industrial segments, we have seen the changes and impacts of technology on the field of industrial production. We formed Kodiak Bearings to lead the transformation of the MRO procurement cycle for bearings and mechanical power transmission components.

Kodiak Bearings brings tough, application minded bearings to keep equipment running longer, with less unplanned downtime and lower total costs of ownership. 

Our vision is to use technological resources to better connect bearing users with the information and products they need. That way, they keep plant equipment running smoothly. 

Many current distributors and manufacturers use methodologies that lengthen the time a machine is down. They reduce their local inventories, silo stock at distant distribution centers that rarely seem to have what you need, and rely on manufacturers that pinch their own inventories. 

Manufacturers encourage price wars by pitting distributors against each other for lower prices. While that seems good on paper, you lose the value of having local inventories, and sales people are pulled in too many directions to help you best when you need it most.

Kodiak uses quality control standards and multiple relationships to make sure stock is as close to you as possible. In addition, we manufacture our own products that bring specific value. 

But we understand that if that machine is down, you are only interested in getting it back up and running asap. That's why we believe our combination of technology, inventory and people is the best solution and value for your MRO needs. We look forward to working with you!