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Careers with Kodiak

Kodiak Bearings was formed by people who wanted to bust out of the "technology" and "industrial" molds. We were tired of the "we've done it this way forever" crowd, and we understand that to be successful in the future, we have to keep innovating today.

That's why we are always looking for excellent, Kodiak Tough people to add to our team.

If you have a great attitude with people, a passion for innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a willingness to learn, get dirty, work hard and contribute, you might just be a good fit with us. 

When we bring people into our company, we want and expect success with you. So for us both to win, we need you to be present, able to learn, adapt and grow. We will train you on how our products bring real value to our customers, and we will give you real stories about how we are helpful everyday. In turn, you give Kodiak everything you can- plus a little extra. And once the work is done, you get the freedom, the compensation, and the time to pursue the work-life balance we all need. 

When you work for Kodiak, you get:

  • Competitive compensation to start, that gets better as you help build our company
  • Unlimited personal/vacation time from day one
  • Opportunity for company shares as you build tenure
  • Uncapped commission structure, even for support positions
  • Full-time, part-time, 1099, W-2, work-from-home, extremely flexible arrangements

Roles for which we are actively seeking candidates:

  • Sales Leaders
    • Outside Sales- Face-to-Face, independent sales professionals who are capable of making friends, learning customer needs, matching our capabilities and closing business. No excuses, take-no-prisoners, get the damn sale already, yes!
    • Inside Sales- Calling for new customers, working from office or home, smile and dial, read the script until you're blue and do it again, get our name out there, have them call in and order, you get an adrenaline rush and some bank!
  • Web and Software Development Professionals- Be part of a quick, agile team that builds real apps that are secure and can scale. No over-stressing on the projects, and the HIPPO is a coder. Whether you're a junior, mid-level or senior team lead, we have work that you will be proud to call your own. If you have had any experience, we build in .NET, C#, MSSQL, MySql, JavaScript, Ruby, Liquid, PHP and whatever the heck else is hot today. Yes, we want you. Yes, we know already you are a little weird. It's okay. Send us an email and we can talk.
  • Bearing Technical Support- Occasionally (all the time), we have people call us who don't know what the hell they need. If you can help them, we need to talk. We might actually pay you to do this!

If you are a candidate and think you might be a fit, send a resume and a letter to sales@kodiakbearings.com. We will treat you with confidentiality and respect. Please treat us with the same respect, and limit your contacts to emails until we call you first. We look forward to getting to know you!